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Installation Instructions

 Windows PC installation

1.Double-click on the installer you just downloaded.
2.When the installation is complete, a BookCreator icon will appear on your desktop and a program group will appear on your Start Menu.

 Mac installation

1.Double-click on the installer (a DMG file).
2.When the installation is complete, the program can be accessed from within the Applications folder

Running Book Creator for the first time

Double-click on the BookCreator icon on your desktop, or select BookCreator from your Start Menu.
Note: You will experience a pause when the software is opened for the first time as the software is configured for your system.

You will now be presented with the BookCreator welcome screen: 

Enabling Auto-Updates

An on-screen prompt will pop-up and ask whether you wish to enable Auto-Updates. Auto-Updates allow you to add new products and styles to your installation. We recommend that you do allow Auto-Updates, though you can elect to update manually if you wish.

If you elect to accept Auto-Updates, you will be presented with a new pop-up that will advise you that “Auto-Update has detected new items to download. Do you wish to view the items now?”

If you wish to use only the products that have downloaded within the software, click the No button to proceed to the next step.

If you click “Yes”, you will now see a new pop- up with a list of products and resources that are available for download. To download any of the items, simply click the check box next to it to place a green check in the box. Once you have selected the items you wish to download, click the “Install” button to download the products.