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The cost of having a book made varies depending on the size of the book, the page count, upgrade options chosen, and the amount of prepress work required. Pre-designed books cost less as they reduce the amount of prepress time needed, whether the pages are created through our online software, a hired designer, or through your own programs such as Indesign or Photoshop. See below for questions about setting the book up yourself.
If you are not able to design your own pages, we do offer design services in house. An appointment can easily be arranged with one of our skilled designers, for $160 per hour, who can also help with retouching, custom color correction, and creative feedback. You can also simply leave detailed instructions for the designer to build the book over 2-3 business days. This service is $85 per hour.

Standard Sizes – Please see our price guide here for standard sizes and options as well as their pricing.

Custom Books Custom books consist of anything not listed on our standard price quide in regards to size, page count, paper stock, and a variety of custom options such as foil stamping or print tip-in. For a quote on a custom book, please use this form.

Shipment, tax, and special packaging are not included in any prices online or quoted.

Standard Sizes
7 business days
Custom Sizes
11 – 16 business days
Business days are Monday – Friday.

Custom Books

If you are designing your own book, these are the basic specifications to bear in mind as you are laying out each page:

Bleed Margin 1/8th inch on all 4 sides. It is recommended to keep all text 1/2 inch from the edge of the page. Anything within the outer 1/8th may be cut off or into. Please see the diagrams below for examples.

Gutter (bind side only) 3/16th inch to 3/8th inch for images depending on the type of binding and paper stock used. Please leave 3/4 inch for text. Please see the diagrams below for examples of each.

Color Space sRGB – We do not print in CMYK or Grayscale.

Resolution 300 dpi at print size. Ex: If your printing an 8.5×11 book, please make each page 8.5×11 at 300 dpi.

Spine and Covers The Spine width and Cover size will depend on the kind of paper chosen and the type of binding required.

Soft Cover Books

The size of the front and back covers for Soft Cover books are equal to the internal pages, including bleed. To determine the spine width, you will need to know what paper weight is being used in the book. The formulas needed are:

N divided by 2 = S then S multiplied by X = Spine Width

  • N = Number of pages in the book
  • S = Number of sheets in the book
  • X = Paper weights:
  • 80 lb text = 0.004
  • 100 lb text = 0.005
  • 80 lb cover = 0.007
  • 100 lb cover = 0.0095
  • Watercolor = 0.095

Hard Cover Books

Photoshop templates are available here. Each template contains guidemarks necessary for distinguishing the front and back covers from the spine and flaps. If the book is a custom size, more information will be required before a custom template can be created.


You can find uploading and ordering instructions here.


Layflat is a special type of paper with a clear plastic hinge in the gutter, allowing the pages to lay flat. This feature is great for 2 page spreads as one looses none of the image or text in the gutter.


A Page is a “side”, just like a reading book. The front side of the first sheet of paper (on the right side of the book) is page one, the back side of that sheet of paper (on the left side of the book) is page two and so on.